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Saturday, 12 March 2016 02:36

Auto Shop Owner Handcuffs, Zip-Ties Break in Suspect in RI

A burglar got a big surprise after breaking into Al's Auto Parts, a body shop on Huntington Avenue in Providence.

A silent alarm alerted owner Albert Scialo at his home just before midnight on February 29 that there was activity in the shop. Scialo and his 23-year-old son responded to the shop and came upon the suspect, 32-year-old Angelo Lamourt.

"Apparently (Lamourt) ran past them trying to get away. They tackled him and after a brief struggle, they were able to detain him," said Maj. David Lapatin of the Providence Police Department.

Scialo told NBC 10 News that he and his son secured the suspect's hands and feet with zip ties and held him in the shop until police arrived.

But while he said Lamourt told police he entered through a broken glass window on the garage door, Scialo also noted that all the glass was intact before the incident.

When the suspect was caught, a power drill was recovered from his backpack. Police said power tools are often targeted items to steal.

"If you look at the big stores such as Home Depot (and) Lowes, everybody's trying to get out with the power tools," saidLapatin. "If you look, they're in their own section."

When police arrived at the body shop, they found a large screwdriver and a broken golf club in the suspect's possession - possibly tools used to break in or possible weapons.

Though the incident ended peacefully, police warn business owners and other residents that taking matters into their own hands can be dangerous.

"We don't encourage it because in other cases, innocent people could get hurt," said Lapatin.

Lamourt has several charges related to breaking and entering, as well as shoplifting on his record.

Thank you to NBC 10 News for permission to reprint this article.

Auto Shop Owner hHndcuffs, Zip-Ties Break in Suspect in RI
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