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Tuesday, 28 July 2015 19:04

Stoughton, MA Shop Owner Indicted on Drug Trafficking Charges

David Coke, 36, of Stoughton, MA sat before selectmen two years ago wearing a ‘U MAD BRO?’ T-shirt, asking for a license to sell used cars, reported Cody Shepard of He told the board that he would be considerate of neighbors and wouldn’t store many cars on his Washington Street lot because he didn’t have money to buy them, reported Shepard.

During the last week of June, Coke was one of 48 people indicted by the U.S. attorney’s office for allegedly belonging to the gang Columbia Point Dawgs. The report referred to this group as one of the most feared gangs in Boston for decades.

Coke is seen in a video from August 20, 2013 asking selectmen for a license to deal used cars at his Lifeline Autobody Collision shop on Washington Street.

Since then, Coke has relocated his shop to 428 Willow St., which houses more than a half-dozen automotive businesses, including Coke’s A-1 Autobody Collision, which he owns with 40-year-old brother, Michael Coke, reported Shepard.

Armed with a search warrant, Stoughton police detectives along with state and federal authorities raided A-1 on June 18. Police have not said if they seized anything or made any arrests that morning, but the FBI said the brothers were using the business for selling drugs, reported Shepard.One of the other business owners in the Willow Street lot said on June 19 he noticed suspicious people at A-1, but never thought they were doing what authorities say they were at the Stoughton shop, reported Shepard.

The court affidavit says that, during the two-year investigation into gang operations, David Coke was seen driving a Maserati, wearing expensive jewelry and designer clothing, and spending freely in the clubs. According to documents, Coke also supplied people with heroin and oxycodone.

Roshaun Hawkins, 29, Emmet Street, Brockton, and Roberto Andrade, 30, West Chestnut Street, Brockton were amongst locals indicted in Operation Rising Tide, which took down almost 50 alleged drug traffickers.

Three of the indicted members were arrested in mid-May after Canton police said they shot at and struck a car five times while driving.

Arthur Williams, 38, of Randolph; Yancey Williams, 28, of Norwood; and Louis Whitehead, 35, of Fall River, were arrested in Mansfield and charged with armed assault with the intent to murder and multiple firearm charges reported Shepard. The raid by local, state and federal authorities netted $1.5 million in cash, 31 guns, heroin and cocaine, officials told Shepard.

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