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Monday, 09 July 2018 14:52

AASP/NJ Presents on Strategic Improvements

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On June 25, during the first presentation of AASP/NJ’s new educational series, AASP/NJ President Jerry McNee and QLC, Inc.’s John Niechwiadowicz discussed “Open Your Eyes… and You Will Become a Game Changer” at McNee’s Ultimate Collision in Edison, NJ. 

Their informative seminar provided guidance to the 70 association members in attendance on how to strategically improve their businesses. 

Niechwiadowicz opened the meeting by stating, “We are not talking about problems. We are talking about solutions. There is a lot of opportunity out there. How do you know where the opportunity exists?”

Niechwiadowicz and McNee utilized real-world examples to drive an interactive discussion on everything from effective communication and leadership to managing challenges to identifying key performance indicators (KPIs). 

McNee noted, "KPIs identify what your strengths are. There is only so much time in one day to work on something, so when you do work on something, it better have the best possible return. If you are not putting in, you are not getting anything out. As a leader, you must know and understand your KPIs because you have to be able to gauge your performance against them. That is the secret to success.”

Attendees identified their KPI factors in an anonymous poll. The results were used to show them the importance of each major factor, including total sales, total labor sales, total P&M sales, average RO (severity), paint hours per RO, technician efficiency, cycle time, touch time and sales per repaired panel.  

When the discussion led to comments about insurance companies and proper repair techniques, both presenters referenced last year’s John Eagle case as a reminder of the risks involved with improper repairs. McNee urged AASP/NJ members to stand their ground regarding proper repairs. 

"You have to stand up to the insurance company and tell them what you need. If everyone started pushing in the same direction, this stuff would start falling into line," he said. 

Taking the conversation a step further, Niechwiadowicz pointed out that the time spent to research OEM repair guidelines should be counted as a billable expense, though many shops neglect to take this time into consideration. 

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