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NAPA/Martin Senour Unveil Custom 1966 Mustang at SEMA 2014

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'Good Karma' Mustang unvieled at SEMA


The Martin Senour Company unveiled a custom-built and custom-painted 1966 Mustang featuring the Martin Senour Pro//Base™ Automotive Refinish System and restored by Chris Carlson Hot Rods (Mulvane, Kansas) at the 2014 SEMA show.

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The unveiling/press conference of the Mustang custom coupe named “Good Karma,” displayed a paint job featuring a custom Martin Senour color “Velvet Red” (based off the new Rod & Restoration Color Deck, color code: PCRS36).
“We were very excited to partner with Chris Carlson Hot Rods during the custom development of this truly magnificent Mustang,” said Brandon Devis, Martin Senour Director of Sales. “The attention to detail and Velvet Red color is beyond stunning. It is truly a testament to a vehicle that has become an American icon, particularly as it celebrates the 50th anniversary of its launch this year.”


NAPA/MS/Carlson team behind 'Good Karma'


Chris Carlson Hot Rods practically did a complete custom makeover on the traditional ’66 Mustang. “One of my biggest things is that I’m a true custom guy. Normally a Mustang renovation is not a ‘real custom’ project to us. So in this case, we wanted to do a full-body system without losing the nice Mustang look,” according to shop owner, Chris Carlson.

“When it came to the Exterior Modifications: we chopped 2 inches and extended and raised quarters 1 inch; a pancake deck lid; a frenched-in '68 Camaro rear bumper; custom fabricated the rear roll pan; custom fabricated wheel openings and side scoops; extended two side body lines; shortened the cowl 3.5 inches; and molded the complete front clip together,” said Carlson. “We then added a hood scoop, frenched headlights, custom grille, front bumper cut and tucked, custom fabricated inner fender panels; a custom fabricated firewall; and finally, a flush-mount windshield and back glass.”

Carlson added: “We custom designed and produced all its interior modifications: custom fabricated dash; console, door panels, and seats; complete leather interior; Ididit steering column; and Dakota Digital gauges.”
For the paint, Carlson said, “Working with the NAPA and Martin Senour guys was a tremendous experience. Collectively we chose to finish the car in a customized version of Velvet Red, based off the new Martin Senour Rod & Restoration deck. We then gave it a double dose of reflective crystals; plus, a Dark Red flake racing stripe.”

The new Rod & Restoration custom color program includes 200 colors made from a series of optically enhanced automotive paints containing special combinations of highly reflective additives.
Depending on the project and what the end vision of the car is, the Rod & Restoration custom color program is available in three color categories, including: Exact Match OE Classic, Barrett-Jackson Modified Muscle Car and Rod & Custom.

The Mustang coupe is named “Good Karma” in honor of Chris’ wife, Karma Carlson (it is, after all, really her car – as promised to her by her husband as far back as just their second date, in 1990). She recalls, “Chris said that someday he'd build me my Mustang. I rolled my eyes - it was our second date after all - fast forward 18 years and four kids later...Chris drove me to check out a car. It was a forest green 1966 Mustang Coupe, that we bought in 2008. I loved it! The kids and I made lots of memories in that car and every time it broke down, Chris would have to come and fix it.”

“It even broke down mid-parade and had to be pushed the rest of the way by our car club members. We finally decided to park it in the barn until we could do a complete custom overhaul on it,” continues Karma Carlson. “Life happened and six years passed. Chasing out the raccoon family and pulling that car out of the barn was a momentous day! I truly can't believe this is the same Mustang that I taught my son to drive in, took my daughter prom dress shopping in and hauled home the world's largest pinata for my younger boys. It took 24 years but Chris came through on that promise he made to me on our second date; and it’s gorgeous. I love the Velvet Red color; it’s such a beautiful, deep red.”

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