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Cutting Edge Shop Knows Value of Tsunami Regenerative Dryer

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It’s a fairly simple rule in the body shop game—Dry is good and wet is bad. Wet compressed air is the painter’s worst nightmare and many have had bad dreams about unwanted water vapor ruining their day. On the other hand, dry, clean outgoing air is beneficial to any task performed in a body repair facility. Moisture is the enemy and if it’s living in your compressed air, you’re in deep trouble.

By always keeping his eyes open for new equipment, products, technology and practices that will make his a leading shop in his region, Barry Burkholder, the owner of Barry’s Paint Shop in Ephrata, PA, was excited when he saw his first Tsunami Regenerative Dryer, made by Suburban Manufacturing in Monticello, MN.

He immediately recognized that by using this system for drying his cars sprayed with waterborne, his painters would have the cleanest and driest compressed air they possibly could. As the owner of a 25-year-old shop, a 38-year veteran of the collision industry and a consultant who helps body shops with their production processes and profitability, Burkholder, 57, wants the finest tools possible, as long as they make sense financially while enhancing his overall operation.

Obviously, the Tsunami Drying System presented a wide range of attractive benefits that got Burkholder’s  interest initially, but what he learned after watching it in action really made him a believer.

“When we switched to waterborne two years ago, we knew dry compressed air was going to be more essential than ever,” he said. “So, we started doing our research and we found Tsunami. We always want to be looking out for the newest stuff and we don’t always buy everything. But if it will help us in any way, we’re onboard. This system has helped our techs to do a better job, so it’s an ideal match for our shop.”

The Tsunami Drying system has helped Barry’s Paint Shop in several specific ways, he explained. “We’re getting better coverage and we don’t need to spray as many coats and we know that the dry, clean air is a definite reason. If our compressed air contains moisture at all, the paint just won’t dry right. The Tsunami Dryer helps to make the waterborne atomize better, which gives us a better finished product and our painters love it.”

To fix 120 cars every month, Burkholder needs equipment to work consistently and seamlessly, he said, and that’s also why he’s pleased with his Tsunami Dryer.

“There’s very little maintenance required with the Tsunami system, because all we have to do is periodically change the filters,” he said. “The technology is very simple, but the bottom line is it works and helps us to save time and money. When I can purchase a machine or a product and then pretty much forget about it, that’s a really big deal and a real plus to our operation.”

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