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Goliath Carts wins Best New Product of the Year at the 2010 NACE show

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Goliath Carts, LLC, a provider of workflow and efficiency solutions to the Collision Repair industry, received Best New Product of the Year award at this year’s NACE show for their Goliath G1 Cart.  The G1 Cart is the collision industries first rugged powered mobile workstation system that allows shops and insurance companies to have a fully functional computer workstation with power for the entire day where it is needed most.  Being lean is about eliminating waste and the Goliath G1 cart accomplishes this by eliminating steps to and from offices and printers!  As a result your employees are more productive, accurate and efficient!

The Goliath Carts G1 cart is equipped with large pneumatic wheels, 12 volt batteries, a DC/AC inverter, and charging system.  Add your laptop computer and a printer along with all of your peripheral supplies and you now have mobile desk!  With up to 4 days of run time on a single charge, the rugged G1 cart is build from the ground up for the tasks and environment of the collision repair industry. The small footprint of the Goliath Carts G1 cart allows you to move anywhere and use all of the applications all day long in what was traditionally out of reach of computer equipment. 

Shops using the Goliath G1 Cart report significant cycle time and efficiency savings, some up to 50% per repair order.  The system also can help collision repairers increase their accuracy in writing estimates which allows owner to capture more dollars on the original estimate and lower supplement totals.  More importantly your employee is where he needs to be – in the shop!  The G1 Cart is ideal for estimating, blueprinting, teardown, supplements, total loss estimating, parts ordering and more!  Your employee can estimate, take photos, and upload claims directly from the work floor!  Lower cycle times and days in rental cars by eliminating the waste, inefficiency and errors found in traditional procedures.  Use it as a marketing tool by impressing customers and insurance companies.

Insurance companies can benefit equally by using the G1 cart in areas such as drive-ins and catastrophe sites!  Traditional methods of using laptops do not work efficiently.  Batteries go dead and staff still has to walk back and forth to printers and offices.  The G1 cart is a “mobile desk” - the long runtime combined with onboard printer and supplies is the perfect solution!  It can easily fit in the back of a van for deployment to field staff.

Bruce Newell, owner of 1st Class Collision of Murrieta, has three carts in his Southern California shop and uses the Goliath G1 Cart for Blueprinting, Supplements, Production, and Total Loss Estimating. “It’ is a life saver,” he says. We started by walking out to the cars with a clipboard and pen.  We were taking notes then walking back to the office.  This leads to incredible inefficiencies, errors and loss of revenue.  We then tried hand held devices, but still had the issue of no printer or keyboard and we could not carry all of our accessories” (camera, pens, stapler, calculator etc).  Production manager Mike Newell says “Now I take the laptop and printer and all of our accessories right to the vehicle and work directly with the technician.  I can open the estimate, create the supplement, print the technician worksheet, order parts, take photos, and even upload the claim RIGHT AT THE VEHICLE.”

The Goliath Carts - G1 Cart is a complete powered mobile workstation solution that enables shops and insurance companies to make employees more productive and efficient.  Just plug it in at night and all of your equipment is charged and ready for the next day.  This flexible and durable solution powers equipment and accessories to create a “mobile desk” that allows your staff to compute in ways that are limited only to your imagination!

For more information about our limited time offers, to purchase our cart, or to learn more about the Goliath Carts - G1 Cart, contact Goliath Carts, LLC at (866) 694-2278 or visit us at www.goliathcarts.com

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