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Written by Karyn Hendricks

Talk about the American dream! Working their way up through the ranks, the Mondragon brothers and sister immigrated to California to establish their futures.

    The oldest brothers came first. They found work at JR Sandoval, long-time supplier of auto body equipment – first servicing paint spray booths, then installing all variety of spray booths. When the owner of JR Sandoval passed away two years later, the brothers were out of work. Since all they knew was spray booths, they continued to service, install and ultimately fabricate their own booths. This is the genesis of the family-owned business –
    Since 1990 has manufactured state-of-the-art spray booths. These booths not only have distinguishable craftsmanship, but are sold at under-market value. The overall objective is to create the best quality spray booth at an unmatchable price.

Spearheading change
In response to the demand for waterborne-ready paint booths, has introduced its Ozone line of booths. From downdraft to semi-downdraft, these spray booths are ready to be put in use with no adaptation necessary at the shop.
    JETdry is a heating air system designed to accelerate the overall spraying and backing process. Each of the four towers located at the corner of the booth provides four nozzles at a minimum 3500 CFM, greatly accelerating flash off and curing cycles. The cover door is a heat resistant aluminum frame, 1/4" heat treated tempered glass and a pneumatic operated door. Brand name components, such as Grainger air conditioning equipment, are used in construction of the booths.
    The development of the environmentally-friendly booth has also affected production by itself. “The introduction of waterborne products has made us more open-minded. Our company is more energy efficient using energy-efficient light bulbs and motors. We are making a turnaround in our own efforts to be more efficient,” explained Napoleon Mondragon, director of marketing and recruiting dealers across the U.S.
    “Our product is fully constructed at our factory and does not need to be put together at the shop. A particularly compelling reason for choosing a spray booth from our company is that it is ‘made in America.’ Not only is it patriotic, but the cost is lower because there are no import taxes or freight to add to the bill.
    “We are innovative and purchasing one of our spray booths is an investment in the future. Our success is borne out because we often get projects over our largest competitors. NACE was incredibly successful this year. We sold ten of the actual demo booths right on the spot.”

All about family
Before founding the company, Homero was studying to be an electrical engineer for monorail Mexico. Horatio and Dante were studying to be structural engineers. is truly a family affair. Everyone in the family holds a share in the company. Each of the seven brothers and lone sister are in charge of a specific department. Oldest brother Leonel is in charge of fire and extinguishing systems for equipment. He is certified by Pyro-Chem, distributor of fire suppression and building products.
    Homero oversees purchasing and designing along with the factory production. Luis takes care of sales in Mexico. The design and permitting in local areas is the responsibility of Horacio.
    Dante is the director of design and permitting. His functions include getting equipment certified by UL and its Canadian equivalent. He personally designed the touch screen and the control panel unit. He’s the guy who knows how to make equipment run.
    Galileo has similar responsibilities working in design and permitting also. He has devised new methods of fabricating equipment efficiently and newer designs for the installation. Youngest brother Napoleon is director of marketing and establishing dealers across the U.S.
    The person who holds the purse strings for the company is sister Carolina. Many of the 35 employees in the system are cousins or cousins of cousins.
    Corporate offices are located in Paramount City, a suburb of Los Angeles. There are already branches in the New England area, Canada and Mexico. Over 12 spray booths are fabricated each month. The company is involved with the several community and industry organizations including CAA, I-CAR, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and local chambers of commerce in San Francisco and Sacramento.
    Mondragon concluded: “We try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes when selling a booth. We are not a global giant, nor do we aspire to be. We do, however, want our name to be recognized throughout the industry. We could probably sell more quantity but we are interested in quality. Our goal is to have customers ask for by name. We are not a Toolmart. We provide an exclusive product to a discerning clientele.”
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