Tuesday, 31 July 2001 17:00

PIRK helps shops with compliance plans, reporting

Written by Autobody News staff

Phone-In-Record Keeping, Inc, (PIRK) manages environmental, health and safety compliance matters for automotive service businesses that are required to monitor environmental pollution and prevention compliance on a regular basis. From VOC levels to OSHA safety rules, PIRK documents a body shop's compliance with the myriad of local, state and federal laws. PIRK provides total real-time compliance management to thousands of businesses on a monthly subscription basis. 

Free phone-in compliance plan offered

PIRK offers a free written plan and training program for Body Shops that focuses on the most common OSHA violations while promoting an industry commitment to the small business owner's environmental and safety requirements. The offer extends to the end of 2001 and includes: Custom (72 pp) injury & illness protection plan, shop-specific Code of Safe Practices poster, laminated emergency telephone contacts placard, 24-hour telephone consultation (legal & technical), employee phone-in training (w/personalized certificates), facility certification and warranty of compliance for OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Managing compliance needs

The company has turned the requirement to keep records for environmental, health and safety compliance into a recurring business of risk control and convenience for facility owners and operators. Using PIRK to prepare compliance reports can be best compared to hiring a payroll service to administer and disburse checks.

To manage compliance needs, PIRK developed ReComply®, a system modeled after the Automobile Club's monthly assistance program, to provide written documents and consultation for multi-agency compliance, legal defense, violation protection, and environmental accounting, on a subscription basis. Each month a certified & warranted report is generated along with various records required by OSHA, EPA, DOT, or other federal, state and local code compliance. PIRK is currently qualifying ReComply as an Internet service for interactive data acquisition, computation, and reporting from collision repair facilities to PIRK and to various agencies. PIRK recognizes that solutions to government compliance require unbiased evaluation of both proven and innovative techniques to see if they work and are cost-effective. The company works aggressively to develop a check-and-balance procedure that assures total regulatory conformity centered on proven predictive and pre-emptive procedures.

Company History

Beginning as independent consultants in the 1970's, the company provided electrical and mechanical engineering & equipment for government facilities until late 1980 under the U.S. DOE energy conservation program.

During the 1990's PIRK developed storage tank monitoring systems under the Federal RCRA laws and provided electronic data transmission for government agencies to monitor volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants from stationary sources. Contracted by such companies as Lockheed Aircraft, Anheusher Bush, and Shell Oil, PIRK installed and maintained emissions monitoring systems to comply with the reporting of air pollutants.

PIRK's executive management staff consists of Steve Schillinger, President; Michele Nishimi, VP Operations; Robert Morris, VP Legal Affairs; Chuck Flagg, Sales Manager.

The company, which has offices in Dallas, is headquartered in Riverside, California and has nine offices across the country. 800-374-PIRK.