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Friday, 09 November 2018 21:57

BASF New Sponsor of Detroit Autorama Great 8

The Detroit Autorama is proud to announce that BASF is the new sponsor of the Detroit Autorama Great 8.

Management Success recently announced that the 25-year-old management consulting company will be rebranding its services to DRIVE, a name that better aligns with the innovative and cutting-edge services it offers.


Steck Manufacturing Company has released another time-saving tool for auto body technicians. The Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool makes the removal of fender flares and rocker moldings a breeze by releasing the clips that attach the moldings from outside.

With AUROOM, BASF’s Coatings division introduces a digital platform which enables OEM designers to access a database of photo-realistic virtual car colors.

Car-O-Liner is proud to introduce the new CTR 9, a fully automatic welder, which features a revolutionized lightweight transformer gun.

Mitchell International, Inc. announced a milestone for the Mitchell Diagnostics system: 300,000 repair scans have been completed using the industry-leading and patent-pending system. 

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