CAA: Replacement Tire Efficiency Regulations Should Not Include Auto Body Shops (article continued)

Existing inventory of tires: Do tire dealers have to stop selling noncompliant efficiency rated tires on Jan. 1, 2025? How do tire dealers handle exiting tire inventory that is noncompliant after the deadline to comply? Will tires manufactured before the deadline be exempt?

Identifying and confirming compliant tires: How do tire dealers easily ascertain and verify that the tires are California compliant? Will tire manufacturers be required to mark tires as California compliant? If so, with what type of markings? If not, how will the tire dealer ascertain and verify compliance?

Documentation: What documentation and records will be necessary for the tire dealer to show that they are in compliance?

Enforcement: Will the CEC be enforcing this new law or other agencies such as the BAR enforce?

Economic impacts and cost to small businesses: Has the CEC conducted any research or gathered any information as to the economic impacts and costs to small business ARDs, if these regulations were implemented?

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