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Ranger Collision & Custom Celebrates 50 Years of Repair

Written by Sandy Jennings, BCC Staff Writer

Scott Morris Ranger Collision Owner
Ranger Collision and Custom owner Scott Morris inside of his shop.


Scott Morris, owner of Ranger Collision & Custom, a complete auto body repair, restoration and frame repair shop, found his calling in life as a young boy working with his dad in his garage.

“My father worked in the Auto Body repair business and had his own shop on the Southside of San Antonio and worked for various dealerships,” Morris said. “My dad often restored old cars and even newer ones that had been totaled.”


Morris recalls the many perks to being able to “fix up” your own vehicles.


“We always had really cool cars when I was growing up,” Morris said. “My friends would come to me to help fix their accidents when I was a teenager especially if they did not want to tell their parents they had wrecked their car!”


With over 50 years of experience, Morris attributes his dad for his extraordinary work ethic and fun sense of humor.


“My dad was a hard man with a good sense of humor that believed in work and not much ‘fun’ stuff--working on cars was his fun,” Morris said. “My fondest memory of him was rebuilding a 1967 Mustang Fastback when I was a young teen. He was a perfectionist when it came to his work and my car was one of the finest rides in San Antonio.”


The talented duo continued their father-son partnership into the business world, opening their own repair shop in 1970.


“After my marriage in 1969, I worked for awhile at various dealerships in their body shops and then my dad and I opened our own shop just north of 410 off of Bandera Road. That was Morris Body Shop, and we ran it together for 15 years until I decided to open my own shop on Speedway near Vance Jackson and 410 in 1985,” Morris said. “That was Scott's Autobody, and I ran it until my son came to work with me in the late '90s.”


With a third generation entering the auto repair and restoration business, Morris made some big decisions to take his passion and business into the 21st century.


“I decided to move out of the big city and open another shop for my son's future,” Morris said. “I picked the Bandera area since I had some ties to this area and liked the people and the country. I changed the name to Ranger Collision and Custom, so I would keep the western theme of Bandera and my son would not be stuck with my name!”


Morris jokes about his son’s decision to take another path in his auto repair journey.


“He decided to go over to the dark side instead and went to work for the automobile insurance companies as an adjuster,” Morris joked. “He makes a good adjuster, so I have to forgive him.”


Even though Morris’s true love lies in the transformation of a “pile of old rusted metal” into a work of automobile art, the majority of his clientele are those seeking help to fix their vehicles after auto accidents.


“I do mostly accident work, so that is why I call insurance companies the ‘dark side,’ but my love is in restoration,” Morris said. “I have a good reputation in repairing and painting older cars and even for fabrication when the rust has destroyed old sheet metal. I prefer to only do the body of the vehicle - I farm out mechanical and interior work.”


When it comes to restoration, Morris has done it all.


“I have restored everything from piles of rust on up, and the only constraint is time and money. If you have enough money, I can make you a car and make it shine,” Morris said.


He even has a few favorites and a Lincoln convertible restoration with a famous owner.


“One of my favorite restorations was a 1962 Plymouth Fury. It was a long project, but turned out beautiful,” Morris said. “I also restored an old 1965 Lincoln convertible that belonged to LBJ, years ago. I also have a favorite Model T that once belonged to my father. Many others have come and gone and I wish I could have kept them all.”


Ranch Collision & Custom, located at 3848 State Highway 16 South in Bandera, is open Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.

“I invite anyone to come by the shop,” Morris said. “I am there everyday from 7am until at least 5pm, five days a week and often on Saturdays after breakfast with a bunch of old guys that I meet in Bandera. I am becoming an old guy myself, but I plan on working until my final ride. Come see some of my projects!”


For more information about Ranger Collision & Custom, call 830-460-3848 or visit their website at


First published in the Bandera County Courier on April 13, 2017.

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