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WD-40/PowerNation Jeep Debuts at SEMA 2014

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Ian Johnson from PowerNation partnered with WD-40 on this year’s SEMA vehicle.

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WD-40 Company and PowerNation pooled their skills and resources together to create a custom, off-road Jeep that debuted at the SEMA Show that wowed people all over the world for four days. This amazing vehicle will go to one very lucky winner in June 2015 via a sweepstakes sponsored by WD-40 and promoted on PowerNation’s TV shows.

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The custom 1990 Jeep Wrangler YJ, dubbed the WD-40® Specialist® Xtreme Machine, has an aluminum body and tube chassis and is equipped with an LS engine, 42-inch tires and coilovers throughout. Located as a featured vehicle in the hallway outside of the North Hall, this Jeep was getting a huge response during the entire SEMA show, which is pretty impressive when you consider that all of the world’s best custom vehicles are always there.

PowerNation, a two-hour block of four automotive shows that air on NBC Sports Network, SpikeTV, the CBS Sports Network, and the PowerNationTV app, includes “Xtreme Off-Road,” “Engine Power,” “Truck Tech” and “Detroit Muscle.” The WD-40 Specialist Xtreme Machine vehicle build will be featured on two episodes of “Xtreme Off-Road” in January 2015, with a sweepstakes to give away the vehicle running Jan. 2 – May 31, 2015.

“TV viewers will get to see the hard work and attention to detail that went into building the WD-40 Specialist Xtreme Machine before putting their hat into the ring to win it via the sweepstakes,” said Tim Lesmeister, vice president of marketing for WD-40 Company. “The PowerNation team did a phenomenal job building something that’s both head-turning and unique, and the guys used a lot of our top-of-the-line WD-40 Specialist products in the process.”

Ian Johnson, host of PowerNation’s “Xtreme Off-Road,” was on hand to sign autographs at the SEMA Show inside WD-40 Company’s booth and discuss the vehicle he helped to create in conjunction with WD-40. “We’re proud and pleased to be working with a major name like WD-40,” Johnson said. “The Xtreme Machine is truly extreme in many ways and we went all-in with this vehicle.”

WD-40 Brand Manager Shannon Edwards gave a little perspective on the history of WD-40’s custom vehicles, all of which have appeared at SEMA over the years. “This is now our seventh vehicle and we’re always trying to make the next one the best one,” she explained. “The WD-40 Specialist Xtreme Machine that we built with PowerNation is an amazing Jeep. We wanted an off-road vehicle this year, so we pitched the people at PowerNation and they said yes. Ian wanted to take a stab at it and it was obviously a smart decision. Of the seven, five have been for charity; it has been a great program. We’ve raised more than $750,000 for charities raised by auctioning those five vehicles.”

This year’s vehicle can be won through a sweepstakes, so that anyone who signs up can walk away with it, Edwards said. “We did it this way, so that any pros or Joes out there can take this thing home, if they’re lucky. You don’t have to know anyone and you don’t have to be rich to own the WD-40 Specialist Xtreme Machine and that’s why we decided to give it away via a sweepstakes.”

Once again this year, young body technicians in training worked on the vehicle to make it as spectacular as it is today.

“The students at UTI San Diego stepped up and did a lot of the work on this vehicle,” Edwards said. “We’re happy that they were able to contribute, because we want to start these young people in the right direction in their careers in the collision industry. These projects allow us to educate and mentor these students as they get some real-life experience along the way.”

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