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The Hybrid Shop Announces New Auxiliary Cooling Fan Kit for Honda Civic HEVs

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The Hybrid Shop (THS) announced on October 29 that they have released an Auxiliary Cooling Fan Kit for Honda Civic HEVs that is designed to help extend the life of battery packs in models produced between 2003 and 2011, while also increasing overall vehicle performance.

The new Auxiliary Cooling Fan Kit will guard against one of the primary failure modes of these vehicles’ battery packs, brought on by operation in an over-temperature ambient environment. Continued operation in high temperatures often necessitates conditioning, rebuilding, or costly battery replacements and reduction in overall vehicle performance.

“We are thrilled to announce our newest service offering, the Auxiliary Cooling Fan Kit for Honda Civic HEVs,” said Matt Curry, CVO of The Hybrid Shop. “This simple, easy and cost-effective solution will help to offset the damaging effects high ambient temperatures have on the batteries in these vehicles, to help their owners maximize the performance and longevity they receive from their cars overall. This latest offering also adds to the breadth of services we deliver to owners of HEVs and provides a new opportunity to our dealer partners to continue to bring the best in available technology and service to their hybrid customers.”

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Gainesville, VA, THS is attending the upcoming SEMA Show 2014 in November in Las Vegas, NV. The company will host an invitation-only Hybrid Training Day event for shop owners on the opening day of the Show, November 3, at Ted Weins Auto Service in Las Vegas and will be attending SEMA from November 4-7 at booth #10218, Tools & Equipment, North Hall. THS will also host a Hybrid Celebration Party at the Boombox at Marquee Nightclub on Wednesday, November 5.

THS's trade secret method of hybrid battery reconditioning is the culmination of years of scientific study and trials conducted by Dr. Mark Quarto, EE, and his team at Automotive Research and Design (AR&D), a leader in hybrid and electric diagnostic equipment manufacturing and training since the 1980s.  As THS's research, development and training arm, AR&D discovered the larger source of the failure of Honda Civic HEV's battery packs to be rooted in the internal operations of the vehicles. The battery cells generate electricity as a function of electrochemical reactions, which also generate heat, making them extremely sensitive to ambient temperatures. The optimal temperature range for the batteries to achieve top performance is between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit (F). The maximum operational surface temperature of the battery cells used in Honda Civic Hybrid models from 2003-2011 is 122 degrees F, which is very easily and commonly exceeded in the vehicle’s daily operation, as battery cell temperature often rapidly increases as ambient temperatures rise. Thus, essential to achieving a longer battery life and optimal vehicle performance is reducing the chemical reaction temperatures and keeping them within acceptable limits.

THS's new Auxiliary Cooling Fan Kit attaches directly to the outside of the battery pack, without any major changes being made to the vehicle. The company said that initial testing data supports the effectiveness of the Auxiliary Cooling Kit, noting its ability to lower the surface temperature the battery module sticks by 12-20 degrees F, while remaining quiet and unobtrusive.

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