Monday, 29 April 2013 17:34

Future Cure Announces Alignment with NitroHeat

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Future Cure Paint Booths, the nation’s largest OEM paint booth manufacturer east of the Mississippi, has announced their alignment with Nitro Heat, a California-based manufacturer of industrial and automotive nitrogen generator systems.

“Future Cure, with its 25-year history of providing quality, mid-priced paint booths is proud to be involved with this innovative technology,” said Tom Beck, President of Future Cure. “And Nitro Heat’s design best meets our business model of ‘Quality at Affordable Pricing.’”

He added, “We are always looking for enhancements to our product line that will allow our customer base and others to gain better performance from their paint booth and paint shop.  “That’s why when waterborne started to grab hold in early 2002, we were the first to find a product, JunAir QADS, to enhance drying of the waterborne. After exploring and working with the available existing N2 (nitrogen) suppliers we found more fluff than substance and their equipment was way overpriced for what it delivered. 

“Working with NitroHeat, we developed equipment that can deliver the same results as the overpriced units at a drastically reduced price—without the fluff.”

Berk continued, “The Nitro 9000 unit we developed uses a 5-stage pre-filter system allowing NitroHeat to offer a 5-year warranty standard, something other suppliers charge as much as $5,000 for. The system also includes a standard ‘Tire Tank’ that allows the shop to fill tires with N2, again staying ahead of the curve, as many vehicles now, and in the future, are demanding N2 in the tires,” he said.

“Shops are welcoming this technology because it puts more money in your pocket. This technology is so good NitroHeat will guarantee a 15% reduction in paint used (while most shops are reporting a 20% to 30% reduction.) The other added benefits are, because of the better transfer rate, shops report shorter cycle time in the booth, as well as longer filter life, less overspray, meaning cleaner paint work, and an incredible ‘Post-Flow’—delivering a smoother deep gloss to the finish. And let’s not forget about the movement to waterborne. This N2 technology was made for waterborne,” Beck said.

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