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Glasurit Introduces Comprehensive, 2-Clears Solution

Written by BASF staff
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Redefining an entire category in an industry is a rare thing, but the next generation of clears has certainly arrived with the new Glasurit® Multi-Purpose Gloss and Rapid Repair Clears. Together, they form a streamlined clearcoat system you can use to perform any size repair while increasing quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear 923-460 for non-regulated areas and low VOC 923-220 Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear have been formulated by Glasurit chemists to improve on their highly regarded predecessors.


According to BASF Market Segment Manager Tony Dyach, they reflect the latest advances in coatings technology. “These new clears overcome the typical trade-off between appearance, performance and ease of application,” said Dyach. “They are better in every way that matters to our customers, and will delight their customers with superior gloss and durability.”

The Multi-Purpose Gloss Clears join the equally ground-breaking no-bake Rapid Repair Clears to give you a comprehensive clearcoat system that covers everything from small panel and tight-space applications to large areas and overalls. Just when you thought the most stunning finish had been achieved, Glasurit has once again raised the bar with these next-generation clears, delivering the ultimate European wet look.

New gold standard for premium clears

Since being introduced by Glasurit in 2011, innovative Rapid Repair Clear 923-140 for non-regulated areas and low VOC 923-240 Rapid Repair Clear have redefined small panel repair performance with no fuss, no-bake convenience. After months of extensive, in-market testing, the Multi-Purpose Gloss Clears have also proven themselves. Together, they offer a new gold standard for shop managers, paint technicians and owners:

• Glasurit Multi-Purpose Gloss and Rapid Repair Clears meet or exceed all OEM standards, and are fully approved for your warranty work over 90-Line waterborne or 55-Line solventborne basecoats.
• Spraying is effortless with the same great flow and distinctness of image; while cure, ease of application, and polishing have been significantly enhanced.
• The “Multi-Purpose” moniker is well deserved as the new formulations are designed for large areas and overalls, while also flexible enough to handle smaller areas or blend panels.
• The resulting finish is truly spectacular, providing unparalleled depth and gloss that will separate your work from the rest.
• The new Multi-Purpose Clears are the perfect complement to the no-bake Rapid Repair Clears, which are the ideal choice for small panel repairs, door jams and other tight-space applications.
• The no-bake Rapid Repair Clears allow you to buff and polish in just 30 minutes at 68°F, while also giving you the option to bake at 120°F for 15 minutes, if added speed is needed.

Put to the test
The Glasurit Multi-Purpose Gloss and Rapid Repair Clears have been put to the test by your peers and the results have exceeded BASF’s high expectations. Here are some of the comments we heard from our customers:

(Regarding Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear) “Our customers love the high gloss, and our painters love how easy it is to apply and to buff. We were up and running in no time since the new clears work seamlessly within our existing Glasurit system.”

“Glasurit Rapid Repair works great. It’s the perfect choice for small individual parts like fenders and moldings.”

A clear revolution
As customers become more demanding, BASF and its premium Glasurit® brand continue to build on over 120 years of meaningful innovation. The new Multi-Purpose Gloss and Rapid Repair Clears are the latest example of the company’s focus on continuous improvement of its products through the latest science and technology.

These next-generation clearcoats offer the superior performance and appearance expected by the most demanding collision repair centers, along with custom builders and elite restoration specialists. BASF encourages shops to consider these revolutionary clears as an easy-to-implement competitive advantage that will enhance quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

For more information, contact a BASF representative at 1-800-758-2273 or visit

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