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House of Kolor® Colors Automotive World for 56 Years

Written by Melanie Anderson
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Back in 1956, House of Kolor®, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded by world-renowned custom painter, Jon Kosmoski, and 56 years later, is still a strong player in the world of automotive color.

House of Kolor produces basecoats, surfacers, primers, sealers, thinners, reducers, dry pearls and flakes and other specialty products. The company is known in particular for its premium custom finishes.

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The company’s roots were inspired by a ‘40 Chevy Coupe. Jon had rebuilt the car and took it to the best paint shop in town. But the paint job was less than satisfactory and Jon knew it could be done better and so he decided to learn how. And, as they say, the rest is history. Jon quickly became well-known for his skills as a custom painter, however, he was displeased with the problematic nitrocellulose laquers and alkyd enamels of the day, which would sometimes sun-fade or cold-crack.

Jon wanted something better and if it wasn’t already available, then he decided he would have to invent it. Together with a doctor in polymer chemistry, Jon set out to produce custom paints that wouldn’t tarnish, crack or sun-fade, even in severe climates or radical temperature changes. In addition, he wanted paints that could withstand the many coats required for a custom job. When Jon’s products and skills came together, his paint jobs began to win awards, and people began to talk. Word spread and by 1965, House of Kolor was nationally renowned as high-caliber paint for customizing vehicles.

In 1997, House of Kolor became part of the Valspar Automotive Coatings Division. Jon continues to play an important role in House of Kolor. He travels around the world conducting training classes and continues to share his innovative ideas, helping to keep House of Kolor on the leading edge of custom automotive coatings.

“After all these years, I’m still passionate about House of Kolor as ever,” said Jon. “In fact, I can walk through a car show and pick out the cars that have the House of Kolor paint on them. They are that much richer and brighter. The people at House of Kolor know that it is all about quality and longevity. That’s why we use the best pigments and solvents that money can buy.”

House of Kolor maintains its integrity and reputation as a leader in the custom coatings industry by using only the finest ingredients in the production of its award-winning paint products. The unique product line gives custom painters the freedom to use their imaginations to design, invent, and create “one of a kind” custom paint jobs.

The newest paint from House of Kolor is called Shrimrin2 and comes with a supporting line of new clears, primers and more, said Nick Dahl, General Manager with House of Kolor. Shrimrim2 is the second generation of the proven Shrimrin Basecoat technology introduced in 1982.

“Through new polymers and innovative chemistry, we are able to meet and exceed waterborne with a solvent-based system which allows the painter to create an unlimited pallet of easy-to-mix colors and to use colors that are the most exciting,” said Dahl, who has been with the company for 17 years. “Shrimrim2 basecoats are ultra productive, easy to apply and range from metallic, pearl and kandy basecoats. Shrimin2 Basecoats are a three-component system that consists of our S2-FX Karrier Bases, S2-FX Effect Pacs and RU Series Kosmic reducers. This new system is the future of custom painting and is available now and compliant throughout the United States, including the strictest districts in California. House of Kolor is hitting a home run with solvent-based custom paints that are coast-to-coast compliant.”

For more information, visit or contact:
901 3rd Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Phone: (800) 845-2500
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