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BK Listings: Marketing Automotive Businesses Through Innovative Listings

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BK Listings, an internet marketing company that provides industry-specific listings to businesses in the automotive industry, has expanded its services to include everything automotive. BK Listings was founded in early 2010 and is headquartered in Dearborn, MI.

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The company started with 3 employees; a web designer, a programmer, and Owner and Founder Bradley Brennan.

Brennan started BK Listings to offer industry specific and content rich profiles to businesses in the automotive industry and to offer customers an easier way to find the best shops in their area. BK Listings focuses exclusively on the automotive service industry—their motto is “anything and everything automotive.”

“You could never include the type of information you can with us on a Google or Yellow Page ad. They’re too general and don’t let your customers see what they need to see,” said Brennan.

BK Listings allows automotive businesses to list the industry-specific information customers searching for this type of business want to see, such as which insurance companies the shop has a Direct Repair relationship with and a complete list of services provided that distinguish the shop from the competition.

All of this information is searchable by users on BK Listings, so if a shop offers a certain service that people in their area want, customers will be able to search for that service and find that shop with ease.


Customers can create a free login with BK Listings that will allow them to upload information about what needs to be repaired on their vehicle.

This information then becomes available to shops with advanced profiles and they can bid on these jobs, allowing the customer to make an informed decision when choosing a shop and allowing the shop to find additional work in their area.

“This addition to the site is relatively new but we are really excited about its potential,” said Brennan.

Customers can also submit information about a job they had done at a shop as well as shop reviews.

BK Listings has expanded since their founding to include listings for automotive service businesses beyond just collision repair shops, like mechanical, customization, and wheel & tire. They have also increased their staff; expanding to include three programmers, a graphic designer, a writer, and a marketer.

“We are currently building a section for buying and selling automobiles to help offer another marketing solution to our dealership friends, and we plan on facilitating automotive part sales in the future,” said Brennan.

BK Listings offers two types of profiles, basic and advanced. They differ in the amount of information provided about the business and the way they are searched by users.

BK Listings has over 30,000 body shops listed  with basic profiles. Advanced profiles, once set up, will always come before basic profiles in search results and will always display more information, so shops fortunate enough to be one of few signed up with advanced profiles in their area will enjoy increased visibility in all searches by local users.

“We have decades of experience in the collision industry and know exactly what shops are looking for; we know what customers want and we know how to bring business in. Our goal is to provide a service that allows the best shops to find the customers they need to survive and succeed,” said Brennan, “The collision industry is just now beginning to aggressively pursue internet marketing; we want to be at the forefront of that movement. We have the best interests of the shops in mind, and we believe together we can improve the industry as a whole.”

John Germain, owner of E & F Auto in Melvindale, Michigan, has had a listing on BK Listings for a short period of time but has already seen a positive response from the listing.

“It is easy to use and makes our company more visible. We already had a website in place but the additional traffic helps with our online marketing,” said Germain.

BK Listings is currently running a promotional deal for their members; if a member refers another shop to sign up, BK Listings will send the member a check for $100. All members have to do is tell a friend to sign their shop up, if they stay on for at least 3 months, BK Listings will send the check. There is no limit on the amount of shops members can refer for this deal. Shops should email BK Listings notifying them of the referral (see below).

“We have done our best to pull in every shop in America, but through the process there is the chance we missed a couple,” said Brennan. “It is very easy to add your shop if you don’t already have a basic profile listed, you can submit a request on the website or email us directly and we will add it for you.”

Questions can be directed to or

“I want to develop a personal relationship with every shop that is interested; we can only succeed by working together,” said Brennan.

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