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Spray Gun Repair Inc. Helps Customers Get Full Value from their Guns

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Paul Masters, the owner of Spray Gun Repair Inc. of 344 Chase Rd in Thompson, Connecticut, has been rebuilding and cleaning Spray Guns since 1976. 
At that time, he was working at his family-owned business, Masters Auto Body Supplies, where he learned to rebuild and properly clean spray guns to meet customer needs and to extend the useful life of their automotive paint spray guns.
Masters has heard the same stories from spray gun users in applications as different as furniture and cabinet refinishers to auto painters. He knows the prevailing attitude is “When my spray gun stops working properly, I toss it under my bench and buy a new one.”
This he knows to be a senseless waste of time and money. He’s identified four basic levels of spray gun maintainance: daily lubrication, periodic maintainance (best performed at the end of the work week), thorough cleaning (if the periodic maintainance doesn’t prevent the problem), and eventually rebuilding the spray gun (replacing all the gaskets, seals, and packings).
Masters views his business as both lean and green, in the same way a shop would view any more efficient, cost effective process. But he sees even greater demands now given the new EPA regulations for efficient transfer, whether a shop is spraying waterborne or solvent, or both.

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Replacing a good gun that only needs correct service is both expensive and wasteful. You can recondition a gun for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Evolution of The Company
Spray Gun Repair Inc. has been in business since February 1995, and the company has literally exploded in size. Starting with only a few customers, Spray Gun Repair now has well over 2200 customers that request Paul Masters’ services on a regular basis. The great majority of those customers are jobbers and warehouses that need a good and reliable high quality cleaning facility that Spray Gun Repair Inc. provides.
With his numerous skilled employees and state of the art cleaning and repair facility, Paul Masters of Spray Gun Repair Inc. is known throughout the industry as the place to send your guns to be repaired.

State of The Art Service
With the requirements of the customer increasing, and speedy service a big part of those requirements, the company has adapted to the demands of its customers. With the introduction of computers and state-of-the-art software, Spray Gun Repair Inc. can handle any sort of request with the professionalism and respect the customer is looking for. The advanced computer and diagnostic network systems employed at Spray Gun Repair Inc. can help the customer realize full value from his or her investment in the equipment.
Not unlike a comfortable pair of shoes which fit better in the latter half of their life than when they’re being broken in, a good and familiar spray gun performs better and more consistently than an unfamiliar one, regardless of the new ones’  quality.
With multiple workstations and start of the art shipping software, the company can record when the spray gun was repaired, shipped to, received by whom and what parts were utilized. This gives the customer a tremendous amount of information and the assurance that his or her company will receive the spray gun on time and in good condition. If future repairs need to be made, this data is helpful in diagnosing and forestalling any new repairs.
Over the years, Paul Masters has shared his knowledge of spray guns in many ways. He has been featured in a video called How to Master your Spray Gun which is an informative demonstration of how to rebuild various Models/ Brands of spray guns. Produced by Spray Gun Solutions Inc. of Arvada, CO, and available at his website: www.spraygunrepair.com.
Below left is Masters’ recommended procedure for periodic maintainance. To read a more complete version of “The ABCs of Spray Gun Maintainance” contact Paul Masters at his website, or call toll free: 888-452-1095.

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