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Pro-Spray H2O Waterborne Basecoat Delivers Proven European Technology

Written by Laura Timberlake
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Available in the European Union since 2006, the Pro-Spray® H2O waterborne system has impressed converting shops in Europe and North America with a proven, compliant, easy to use, and value-oriented system that delivers excellent color match, coverage, blending, metallic control, dry times and an extensive color formula database.

    Developed and manufactured in England, and distributed in Europe and North America, the Pro-Spray product line delivers a comprehensive, versatile, and high performance waterborne and solvent intermix color system supported by a full range of primers, clearcoats, hardeners, thinners and support products to body shops worldwide.

    In response to a new Directive (2004/42/CE) from the EU Parliament and Council that limited emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in vehicle refinishing products, Pro-Spray® European Automotive Finishes’ chemists and color analysts developed a new waterborne formulation of their European solvent-borne basecoat.  The new Directive limited VOC emissions to a maximum of 420 g/litre and required the implementation of waterborne technology in vehicle refinishing products.   

    “We were faced with the task of creating a waterborne system that could deliver color without compromise,” said Michael Fowler, managing director of Pro-Spray® Automotive Finishes LTD in Europe. {sidebar id=4} “In addition we needed to educate and train the painters on the new laws, equipment, and color application technique.”

    The new basecoat chemistry married Pro-Spray’s existing European color expertise with advanced waterborne technologies. After extensive research, development and product testing, Pro-Spray® H2O European Waterborne Basecoat was created and premiered at the 2005 Equip Auto Trade Show in Paris, France.    

    The resulting product was easy to mix, use and delivered results that could meet or exceed European solvent-borne basecoats.  Pro-Spray® H2O — The Art and Science of Responsible Refinishing™ - is a basecoat refinishing system with pearl, aluminum, xirallic and solid, shake-and-pour toners that mix to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of waterborne color formulas available.  No special mixing equipment is needed and pigment-rich toners provide precise colors with superb opacity, brilliance, and coverage in fewer coats along with excellent blending.  What’s more—with the proper air quality and movement—drying times are similar to, or exceed, solvent basecoats.  H2O color is supported by a full range of surface preparation products, undercoats, and clearcoats for every refinishing need.

    “Shops in Europe, Canada and the United States have responded favorably to Pro-Spray H2O,” stated Tom Gardner, business unit director paints and coatings, “painters are impressed with the quality, color match, metallic control, dry times and overall product performance and value.”


 Pro-Spray has years of experience, in Europe and Canada, helping shops convert to waterborne.  Education and training is conducted on site or in the newly constructed, state of the art, Pro-Spray Technical Training Center located in Massillon, Ohio.  The Pro-Spray Technical Training Center provides an integrated hands-on training area and classroom space, separated by a wide viewing hallway.  The center features a custom 21’ x 9’ paint mixing room, a drive-in wash bay for cleaning and prepping vehicles, a drive-in 24’ x 14’ prep room for sanding and priming. Adjacent is a top-of-the-line downdraft spray booth with programmable time/temperature capabilities for various stages, adjustable pressure, filter monitoring and waterborne air towers.  

    Marketing manager Laura Timberlake addressed the crux of the waterborne mandates and their real significance. “A symbiotic relationship can exist between refinishing and the environment.  Changes we make today will last a lifetime,” she concluded.

    Pro-Spray® H2O Waterborne Basecoat and Pro-Spray® European Automotive Finishes are available now in Europe and North America through authorized Pro-Spray Distributors.  To locate a Pro-Spray distributor in California, call Paul Reid at 330-417-6621. Outside California call 330-830-8445.

    Pro-Spray® European Automotive Finishes is an ALCO Industries Company. 

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