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The PCL Waterborne Waste System

Written by Jeremy Hayhurst
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PCL is an Automotive Refinishing Company, established in 1929 and located in Los Angeles, California. PCL is a manufacturer of automotive compliant refinishing products and solvents specially formulated to meet the requirements of the California Automotive Refinishing Market.  Some of these products include Surface Cleaners, Pre-Treatment Coatings, Primer Surfacers, Primer Sealers, Single Stage Topcoats and Aerosols.

For over 25 years, PCL has provided the Automotive Refinishing Market with the PCL System.  The PCL System is a professional, no-hassle way for the automotive and industrial paint industry to be compliant with all local, state and federal regulations for solvent and paint-related hazardous waste.  The PCL System is designed to provide customers with the easiest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to store solvent and to dispose of paint related waste streams.

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In addition to providing recycling or management systems and equipment, PCL also offers its customers field service support, emergency response service and the “Protecting the Environment” program.  Security, Safety and Environmental responsibility make PCL the first choice for thousands of Professional Automotive Refinishers.
The PCL Solvent System consists of two 30 or 55 gallon steel drums; one for accepting, storing and dispensing clean, Compliant Solvent from a rotary hand FM listed pump, and one drum for storing used (dirty) solvent (waste) with one FM safety drum funnel and flame arrestor.
The Waterborne PCL System consists of two 30 gal Polyethelene drums; one for storing and dispensing clean, Compliant Waterborne Cleaning Solution from a Plastic Pump, and one drum for storing used (dirty) waterborne (waste) with one funnel for easier disposal.

Setting up new customers on Solvent or Waterborne PCL Systems

When PCL gets a call to set up a new customer, the Field Representative pays a visit to the shop. The Rep evaluates the size of the shop, the services they need and the name of their distributor (jobber).
The Rep explains the customer options PCL provides, the prices, the advantages associated with the full system vs. waste only, etc. Once they explain the process, the Rep asks for their EPA # (Environmental Protection Agency Number).
It is a law that the generator of waste must have an EPA #. If the customer does not have a EPA Number, the Rep will assist by providing an application and walk them through on how to complete and fax it.  It takes about 7 working days to process.
If the customer wishes to get the system with an understanding that no waste will be picked up until they receive their EPA #, then the rep fills out all the paperwork necessary to schedule delivery of the equipment.


With the new Waterborne Rule effective January 1st, 2009, the customer must have two systems; one for solvent clean up of primers, sealers and clears, and one for waterborne basecoat paint.
In addition to providing compliant products, equipment and the PCL System, PCL also offers its customers field service support, emergency response service, and a number of waste management options, including Haz-Mat Spill Kit, Two-Drum Secondary Containment, Paint Booth Filter disposal, Oil, Anti-freeze, Rags, and many more paint related services.
PCL services more than 2500 Body Shops and Industrial accounts.  Depending on where the business is and which rule they have to operate under, the prices for the full PCL system solvent ranges from $ 6.85 to $7.99 per gallon. The Hazardous Paint Waste pick up from the PCL System waste drum is $2.99 per gallon.
The Waterborne Cleaning Solution is $4.95 per gallon and the Hazardous Waterborne Liquid Waste from the PCL System waste drum is $3.75 per gallon.
If a customer chooses not to be on the full PCL System, higher prices on waste and other waste related services may apply.
For the customer’s convenience, PCL offers a selection of gun washers for solvent and waterborne clean up ranging from $1,200 to $4,000 and to better service the customer, PCL also offers Rental, Lease, and One payment options.


PCL does not sell or recommend the use of Recyclers for the following reasons.

  • When the waste stream is recycled, the waste is converted into two waste streams, the liquid and the solids.
  • When customer recycles solvent waste, the solvent generated by this process often does not comply with the district cleaning solvent rule. Then the paint solids must be disposed of according to the Hazardous Waste Substance Control at a higher price.
  • Using a recycler for Waterborne Waste the same process apply.  Once they separate the waste, the water will be contaminated causing a higher disposal cost and the solids must also be disposed of, or be tested before disposing of it in the trash.  Not a good idea without the proper lab analysis.

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