Wednesday, 31 October 2007 17:00

New Heat and Shear Resistant Waterborne Adhesive

Written by Autobody News staff
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As a bonding alternative, a new emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive for automotive interior applications from Rohm and Haas exhibit groundbreaking qualities, defeating heat and humidity issues.

The new water-based acrylic adhesive, ROBONDTM Prohesion, developed by Rohm and Haas, is used as a bonding alternative for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes for automotive interior applications like door panels, interior pillars, instrument panels and ductwork. The PSA tape exhibits characteristics and stamina never before seen or thought possible in aqueous acrylic adhesives.

Automotive applications include gasketing, NVH (noise vibration harshness), interior trim, mirror mounting, weather stripping and more.

“Customers who remember traditional aqueous limitations may wonder if a water-borne adhesive really can handle automotive interior applications,” says Chris Urheim, Rohm and Haas North American region market manager. “We confidently say, ‘yes, it really can.’”

“Water-borne acrylic PSAs may have traveled a long way, but until now, solvent-based choices have continued to dominate most higher-performance adhesive requirements,” says Chris Urheim.

 “With ROBONDTM Prohesion, we have taken another significant leap forward in delivering a cost effective acrylic adhesive that doesn't compromise performance. Feedback from our customers so far has been amazing.”

Shear adhesion and resistance properties of this new technology are said to be groundbreaking. No other emulsion PSA has ever come close to the product's heat resistance capabilities while retaining its level of adhesion. Tests indicate that ROBONDTM Prohesion withstands punishing hot shear tests at 150°F (62°C) for more than 50 hours, exceeding values of some solvent-based choices. In addition, the product's humidity resistance is outstanding, eliminating a traditional shortcoming of aqueous systems. ROBONDTM Prohesion retains more than 80 percent of its peel adhesion after prolonged exposure to moisture under severe conditions of 90 percent humidity at 95°F (35°C).

ROBONDTM Prohesion offers an environmentally advanced formulation that holds up to performance demands of the automotive, construction and general industrial markets, all of which are requesting that suppliers lower volatile organic compounds in their products. The adhesive adheres aggressively and exhibits superior anchorage to substrates ranging from high surface energy applications, like stainless steel for example, to equally challenging low surface energy materials like high-density polyolefin foams.

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