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Gladwin Paint Has Long History of Helping Others

Written by Karyn Hendricks

On Broadway, a person who steps in to save the day is called an angel. The Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP) has found its angel in the guise of Gladwin Paint Company, a family-owned Texas paint supplier, which helped found and regularly contributes to the organization.

    Gladwin Paint stepped up once again with its second annual fundraising golf tournament in October at River Crossing in San Antonio. Outperforming last year, 102 participants raised over $10,000. Last year 92 participants collected $9,200, not a bad take in itself.
    Beyond the sense of well-being that comes from offering a helping hand, the event was filled with tons of fun. Raffle tickets were sold and door prizes presented. One of the most popular events was the marshmallow challenge. For $5 a shot, participants could throw an extra large marshmallow to see who could get it the furthest. It was hilarious to watch.
    The event was planned and carried out by a team from Gladwin Paint, with help from the gold sponsor of accounting firm Sol Schwartz & Associates and twenty other sponsors.
    “I was encouraged to note that even though times are tough financially, people seemed more willing to express their gratitude for what they have by contributing to others,” noted Layla Gladwin Maus, one of the third generation of Gladwins to pilot the business.“It made the sunny day even more beautiful.

History of helping
In 1954, Carl and Margaret Gladwin purchased a DuPont-owned store located on Broadway in San Antonio, Texas, and founded Gladwin Paint Company. Carl had been working as a salesperson for DuPont at the time. With four employees and a dream, the Gladwins quickly found themselves working seven days a week to make a success of their new enterprise.  The company rapidly grew to six employees with everyone pitching in and working together.
    The reins have since passed from Carl to his daughter, Sharon, and is now piloted by a third generation of family members led by Larry Pyle, Alysa Wilson and Layla Maus. Currently there are over 100 employees working in stores located in Austin, Amarillo, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Marcos, Victoria, and Waco.
    The same principles on which the company was founded a half century ago – hard work, honesty and excellent customer service – continue to be the guiding forces today.
    Gladwin has the distinction of being one of the largest distributors of DuPont and Spies Hecker automotive finishes in the Southwest.

The Story of CAMP
CAMP began 30 years ago when a young man named Matt was on his way to another camp for children with disabilities. He had several medical issues but what he wanted most of all was to ride a horse and be “John Wayne.” His doctor, a resident at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Dr. Chris Johnson, was very excited for him as they talked about his upcoming adventure. She did his physical for camp and off he went.
    Three months later, Matt came back for another appointment with Dr. Johnson. When she asked him how camp was, he began to cry. He had been turned away at the last minute because he was “too sick.” Dr. Chris was devastated for him. She began to talk to other doctors she knew at Wilford Hall. She, Dr. Bob deLemos and Dr. Fred McCurdy were the triad that helped get Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP) up and running. They, with many other volunteers, took 32 campers for a weekend of fun in the sun. Though it rained and rained, staffers pushed wheelchairs through the mud and muck and Matt got to ride his horse.


    The idea developed and grew until last summer about 750 campers were served over a nine-week period by 300 volunteers ranging from ages 14 on up to adults. CAMP's mission is to strengthen and inspire individuals with special needs – and those who care for them – through Recreation, Respite and Education.
    Summer Camp is a series of five-day summer camp sessions for children and adults with special needs who may not be eligible to attend other camps due to the severity of their disability or medical condition. Also included are activities for campers’ siblings without disabilities. Camp CAMP is located in Center Point, Texas, along the Guadalupe River. A well-equipped infirmary is available for 24-hour care. Campers sleep in large, wheelchair-assessable climate controlled cabins, along with counselors. Campers experience typical summer activities, such as horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, outdoor cooking and arts and crafts.
    CAMP also has a program called Developmental Disabilities Reality Course (DDRC), which brings in professionals and students from all over the world to hear lectures from leading experts in the fields of autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and more. Dr Benson and the aforementioned  Dr. Chris Johnson conceived of the idea of the DDRC. After the presentations, the experts are involved with the CAMPers, participating in their activities that include horseback riding, swimming and canoeing.
    The Gladwin’s association with CAMP began with Dr. “Corky” Benson, who taught at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU). Dr. Benson is the daughter of Carl Gladwin, founder of The Gladwin Paint Company.
    Since that time, the Gladwins have been involved with CAMP in various ways. Dr. Benson has taught at the DDRC many times. Sharon Dalrymple (Dr. Benson’s sister) has volunteered her time at CAMP during the summer. They have been financially generous and generous with their time. When CAMP needed a new building to help with the Respite Program, the Gladwin Family took on the project financially and hands on.
    Another program provided by CAMP during the “off season” is the Respite Club which includes Parent’s Night Out (PNO), held at the Lackland AFB facility, Teen and Adult Day Adventure (TADA) where typical teens and teens with special needs go out to do various activities in the community like the rodeo or bowling, and Weekend Camp one weekend a month.

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