Sunday, 30 September 2007 17:00

Company Builds Reputation on CR Services

Written by Karyn Hendricks
Tasco Equipment Company, a certified Celette distributor, has been serving the collision repair industry for over 50 years in twelve locations covering central and southeast Texas including Houston, Austin, Waco and parts of Louisiana. Tasco offers services in the automotive, commercial, and equipment/maintenance aspects of repair. Both Celette and Tasco have a reputation for quality products and success in the industry.

The company has built their reputation on honesty and integrity with one of the highest customer retention rates in the country. Tasco is noted for taking steps to stay ahead of the curve in the automotive industry, such as developing an in-house marketing department available to customers to advertise their businesses at no charge.

The Collision Equipment Group is a new company made up of many familiar faces from the industry. Over 15 of the nations premier equipment distributors with more than 300 years of combined experience have formed an organization whose focus is on providing outstanding equipment and great representation.

CEG offers products aimed at increasing shop productivity and efficiency including its Touch Computerized Electronic Measuring System and MegaTek Work Station – and everything in between. The company also offers the quality welding, lighting, and air compressor products plus all the accessories, attachments and specialty items that are critical to making the job easier and more profitable.

The MegaTek Work Station is a complete collision repair station that is adjustable from 3" to 46" to provide an effective and comfortable working height for any technician doing pulling, sanding and a variety of other jobs.

Touch is the new electronic measuring system that sets up fast, measures in minutes and monitors as the vehicle is being repaired. Touch is completely portable it can be used for diagnostic applications in one area of the shop and actual repairs in another part of the facility.

Training is included with everything we offer and our service is backed up by the most experienced team in the industry. Look through this 96 page full line catalog and call us for all your equipment needs.

Global Paint Booth

Another offering from Tasco is Global Paint Booth installation along with paint booth maintenance, including filter replacement. Tasco enjoys a strong relationship with Global Finishing Solutions. Advanced spray booth technology and decades of experience in paint booth manufacturer make GFS a foremost authority in spray booth finishing environments. 


Award-winning distributor

Tasco recently won national awards from suppliers such as 3M and PPG. Tasco Auto Color of Houston, Texas, was named the PPG 2005 Platinum Distributor of the Year.Tom Ferguson, Tasco Auto Color president knows exactly what it takes to be a winner. “We focus on a commitment to excellence and everything else follows” The “everything else” refers to sales growth, increased market share and greater customer satisfaction.

A turning point in Tasco history came in 1983 when PPG saw Ferguson’s ability and asked to become a PPG distributor. He agreed and has never looked back. “I wanted to sell paint exclusively and I wanted to work with the leader in the industry. It was natural to team up with PPG.”

It’s a commitment Ferguson has had for years – 53 years in the business to be exact. He started early, at the age of 17, helping out at an auto parts shop in Houston called Barrington & Son run by his mother and stepfather. When he graduated from high school in 1958, he went to work there full-time. In 1970, he started a small distribution company of his own in Splendora, Texas.

Then, in 1982, Tom and his brother, James, decided to combine the two businesses. When he was thinking about what to name the new company, a friend suggested Tom’s Auto Supply Company which was quickly shortened to Tasco.

Ferguson hasn’t lost sight of what makes his organization successful: great products and great service. He is big on taking advantage of PPG technology and training, bringing in PPG representatives to train his people and participating in the various programs PPG offers to stay on top of industry advances and trends.

Although he is the one who accepted the award, Ferguson emphasizes that it is his supporting staff that made the difference. “Our associates are the true winners of this recognition. From our sales staff to our managers to our delivery personnel, each and every person went the extra mile for our clientele. We have been blessed with an abundance of long-term quality people who understand dedication to our clients and our company.”

“My business philosophy is very simple”, he says. “We always try to overdeliver. We promise our customers that there are three things we will always do for them - we will help them improve their quality, increase their productivity and decrease their materials bills.”