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Becca equipment - an earth-saving combination

Written by Karyn Hendricks

Keeping a collision repair facility clean is an on-going challenge and necessity. The shop needs to be clean. The equipment needs to be clean. The tools need to be properly cleaned, particularly in the paint shop. Dirt in the paint shop can create havoc on the final painted finish. Residue left over in the paint gun can ruin a paint job. Hazardous waste products such as lacquer and thinner add to the impurities in the shop. Risk of hazardous waste spillage in the shop or on the highway can be a major headache. 

Becca, Inc. offers environmentally sound equipment solutions for the finishing specialist - next generation spray gun cleaners and solvent-saver recyclers. Seeing a need to efficiently clean paint guns and then to dispose of the solvents used in that cleaning process, the company came up with a two-pronged product to address both problems - a spray gun cleaner and recycler that are designed to work together. 

"Part one, the spray gun cleaner, is designed for the painter to maximize his success by cutting the time spent cleaning the spray gun between jobs," explained Barry Thomas, Becca's president. "When developing our products, we talk with painters and solicit their feedback. We are a company that listens to what painters say they need to increase their productivity - from a spray gun standpoint."

Thomas continued: "Part two is the recycling aspect, geared for the owner to see a return on investment by reducing solvent purchases and the costs of hazardous waste disposal. We offer a program to identify a shop's current return on investment and then the savings that can be accrued from using the cleaner/recycler combo. Recycling is very important. With solvent and disposal costs rising at an extremely rapid rate, it becomes a very attractive way to improve performance and help reduce the cost of operation."

Automatic paint spray gun cleaning system

Becca has designed the next generation of paint gun cleaners with PowerClean™ - a hands-free technology. This system defines a new category of equipment called Pressurized Automatic replacing the old manual and automatic/manual methods and designs. With PowerClean™, paint guns are cleaned consistently and to a level never achieved the old way.

By adding compressed air to the "compressed air" side of the spray gun, the critical seal areas are protected and the potential for residues to accumulate in the passageways leading to a release on the finish is eliminated. All of this while the spray nozzles concentrate cleaning solvents on the internal passageways and the outside of the spray gun.

Variety of price points

Different levels of product offerings meet the affordability points of various shops. "Our product is on the high end of price," offered Thomas. "The spray gun cleaner does a lot more than others on the market. I would identify our company as providing high-end performance equipment. We have an industrial-grade design for the long life of the investment. Becca products are built for heavy duty use.

"We also offer a two-year limited warranty, one year parts and labor, which is a longer warranty than any other company offers."

Partners in business

Becca sees itself as more of a partner than a vendor to its customers. The company's purpose is to improve the quality of life, protect the environment and better the working conditions of its equipment users.

"We believe in treating our customers with respect, conducting ourselves ethically and responsibly, and communicating openly and honestly with our customers," continued Thomas. "We are committed to helping maintain a safe work environment, supporting individual creativity and innovation, protecting the shop environment, and contributing to the quality of life wherever we place our equipment."

Customer service

Customer service is very important to Becca. The company logs all of its customers into a data base and contacts them yearly via fax and phone for annual maintenance. Becca works with local service centers to provide an annual tune-up to ensure that the customer will have a solid year ahead.

"We are committed to taking care of our customers," added Thomas. "We may not be perfect, but if there is a problem we definitely step up to the plate to solve a problem.

"Our growth has come largely through word of mouth. Satisfied customers recommend our products to their colleagues. When technicians move on to other shops, they want the Becca equipment that has eased their professional life in the past, so we pick up customers in that way."


In order to expose future painters to their equipment, Becca offers the spray gun cleaner and recycler to several training institutions at substantial discounts. Becca products can be found at UTI in Houston, as well at the I-CAR facility and the paint company training centers. This also provides an opportunity to gain feedback from trainers and students alike.


Praise for Becca comes straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. Derek Berner is a painter at International Sports Motor in the San Francisco area.

"I have been painting for 15 years and have used all sorts of cumbersome methods to clean the paint gun. We used to clean our paint guns by putting thinner through the gun and shooting it off into the air. Even the safety paint gun cleaners gave off fumes that made me sick.

"I've been using the Becca equipment for about three months now. It is so modern. Now we have this machine where everything is totally contained in one unit," said Berner somewhat awed. "This machine does everything - all in an enclosed space. It's pretty amazing."

Once again, Berner spoke to the advantage of having a system that recycles hazardous waste products. "We use less lacquer thinner, and can replace it with recycled thinner that comes from the machine. The sediment is baked out of the liquid and simply tossed away rather than hauled over the highway to a hazardous waste dump. All of this saves us money and makes us more efficient.

"And if the new technology is confusing, technical service is available on the spot. Becca gave us laminated color cars with a step-by-step guide in both Spanish and English."

Concluded Berner: "The bottom line is that this machine works great!"


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