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Barlocker works with CAA to find lowest workers comp rates

Written by Karyn Hendricks

What was once the third or fourth largest expense for body shop owners - Workers' Compensation insurance - has been reduced by nearly 40% over the past year. According to Barlocker Insurance Services Executive Vice President Fred Stafford and Vice President Jack Starke, reforms put in place by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have continued to improve the business climate in California. Marketplace implications from SB 899 have made the state a more attractive business environment for workers compensation carriers. 

"The net profit picture for forecasting their results is a much more attractive profile. As a result, carriers are commiting greater amounts of capital to the state, with a more aggressive pricing posture to receive greater market share," stated Stafford. "Rates have continued to gravitate downward. Net workers' compensation rate reductions put workers in a better profit place and more carriers are available to assist Barlocker and our clients."

Barlocker continues to be the exclusive endorsed provider for the California Autobody Association (CAA) and members have benefitted immensely from the positive relationship that has been developed, explained CAA executive director David McClune.

One hundred body shops have been added since last year and Barlocker maintains a high retention rate. "We have over 60 agents that work on selling for CAA and these agents look to us in the automotive arena due to our numerous endorsements - Jiffy Lube, Midas, Aamco, Maaco and Speedy Oil Change," said Starke. "CAA recently added a chapter in Santa Barbara, and as a result and in concert with CAA's growth, Barlocker went ahead and hired a new agent to service those needs.

"The longer the relationship is in place, the more we understand each others' needs. Barlocker and CAA's interests are consistent with one another and we expect to continue the contract into the future."

In partnering with CAA, Barlocker brings a complete package of services to CAA members. Along with a competitive price point for Worker's Compensation insurance, Barlocker offers safety/loss control, injury/illness prevention plans, contractual risk transfer assistance, and employee handbook development guides - all available at no charge to clients.

Unique to Barlocker is their commitment to participate in CAA meetings and events. Individual agents are assigned to each local chapter and an element of that assignment is to be present at chapter functions. They have committed a lot of resources to assisting CAA chapters with golf tournaments and the model truck competition held each year.

Barlocker is com-mitted to the partnership model. "Because of our size, experience and competence in the collision repair arena, we believe that shops are missing the boat if they don't use our services. We work on behalf of each owner individually," continued Starke.

"With twenty years of experience, we have a solid understanding of the dynamics that occur in the autobody business. We are in the enviable position of being aggressive advocates for clients and associations. We understand the complexities that the average agent doesn't care or want to care about, endeavoring to meet association as well as individual needs. We have information technology data base capabilities to aggregate a meaningful format to assist membership and involvement in the endorsed insurance program."

A perfect fit

Stafford and Starke are dedicated professionals who love the business they are in and the people they work for and with. The relationship they have with their customers is their primary focus.

Starke said of Stafford, "He is one of the few people you can reach 24/7."

And Stafford returned the compliment, calling Starke the salt of the earth. "Everybody loves Jack."

Summing up, Stafford said: "We are small enough to care and big enough to help. Most large competitors are not interested in this size target market, and smaller competitors simply do not have the extensive resources Barlocker has to offer."

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