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Equipment Gateway's Miracle System Showcased During SEMA

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Miracle System

Shun Kobayashi, am export manager based in Japan, demonstrated how to repair a rocker panel with Equipment Gateway's Miracle System.


SEMA attendees had the opportunity to view a demonstration of the Miracle System product from Equipment Gateway. Matthew Bannister, owner of Equipment Gateway, said the panel repair system from Japan has been in use for 30 years but was introduced just six years ago in the United States.

“It’s a full concept of panel repair for steel and aluminum vehicles,” said Bannister. He said the system is different than others in the industry due to its lift arc technology.
Bannister said other systems that use capacitor discharge are typically for smaller dents.

“With our system, because of the way the key welds on, you can repair some larger damage,” said Bannister. “We’re finding that is showing up at the shops and that’s what they need to be able to do the repair.”

He said the main advantages are the quality of the repair and the time savings. “With our steel system, there is little to no burning on the inside of the panel, which is a big advantage for corrosion,” said Bannister. The company is also offering more adapters for the aluminum system.

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