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Prima Welds Showcases Prima Inverter Welders

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Prima Welds

Ray Zitzloff, president of Prima Welds, explained the features of the Prima Multi Torch 5-in-1 inverter welder to SEMA attendees.


Prima Welds showcased its Prima Inverter welders during SEMA. These included the 35-pound Multi Torch 5-in-1; and the 18-pound Multi 190 for aluminum, brazing (with or without pulse) and steel plus or minus 30 volts 230/1 16 amp power for 200 amp output.

Ray Zitzloff, president of the Florida-based company, said the light-weight, easy-to-use welders reduce welding training and set up time in the shop. Zitzloff said Prima was the first to introduce the multi-torch welders.

He said the welders are easy to operate and have single processors and common torches that are simple to replace.

“The programs are based on body shop applications and for aluminum, steel and brazing,” said Zitzloff. “Everything is software driven. A microprocessor runs the unit so it’s an overnight parts exchange from a service standpoint.”

Zitzloff said you select the torch, set the program number, set the metal thickness and weld. Onsite training for the use of the welder is optional, however, it is not necessary. “We also provide remote, live online diagnostics and training,” said Zitzloff. There is also no need for onsite welder training. “We’ve eliminated a lot of training and we also provide remote, live online diagnostics and training,” said Zitzloff. The welders are manufactured in Italy. “With the exchange rate dropping by more than 30 percent, our sale prices have also been reduced by over 30 per cent,” said Zitzloff.

For information, contact (239) 314-7683, emairayz@primawelds.com, or www.primawelds.com 

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