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GFS Demonstrates REVO Accelerated Curing Systems

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Brandon Lowder, VP of Auto Refinish Sales for GFS, used the REVO Speed and REVO Handheld to showcase how fast primer can be applied and cured with REVO products

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) demonstrated its REVO accelerated curing systems during SEMA. Introduced to the industry this past year, all four REVO products utilize short wave electric infrared technology.

“The main benefits are going to be faster repairs and better results,” said Brandon Lowder, VP of Auto Refinish Sales for GFS. “Essentially we’re going to be able to get up to 80 percent more paint shop throughout by accelerating how fast the coatings dry. We’re not just drying them, we’re curing them from the inside out, so it’s going to be a better repair as well.”

The four products are the REVO Speed, Rapid, Spot and Handheld. REVO Speed is semi-automatic and best suited for shops that perform large volumes of average repairs on one to four panels. It can accommodate all sizes of vehicles. REVO Rapid, with 12,000 watts of power, was designed for full panel repairs or body shops with space restrictions. REVO Spot, with 6,000 watts, is for curing small surfaces and REVO Handheld, with 1,000 watts of power, is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle for fast spot repairs.

“They all use the exact same technology and the same bulbs; however they are scalable to your shop and what your needs are,” said Lowder. During SEMA, he used roll on primer to showcase how fast primer can be applied and cured with the REVO system. “That process would have normally taken an hour and a half to two hours to dry in the shop,” said Lowder. “We did it in less than 10 minutes with REVO.”

Jessica Leinon, marketing sales coordinator for GFS, said there are currently several IR systems in the U.S. “Our application is electric,” she said. “To us, the benefit is safety and cost savings.”

She said GFS has over 130 years’ experience in the industry with a network of more than 45 distributors across the US and Canada that can support, train and service the REVO products. Contact Jessica Leinon, Marketing Sales Coordinator, jleinon@globalfinishing.com 

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