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Apollo Sprayers Introduces TurboPro 3000 HVLP for Paint Savings and Eliminating Contamination   

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Donald Vargo, national sales manager; John Darroch, president and CEO; and Bill Boxer, VP of Sales at the Apollo Sprayers HVI.P booth during SEMA


Apollo Sprayers International launched its TurboPro 3000 during SEMA. John Darroch, president and CEO of the California-based company, said their previous systems have been limited to being able to cope with no more than two or three body panels at a time, mostly for the mobile arena.

“The system we’ve developed has 30 percent more power than the other systems do, which allows you to basically do a complete car,” said Darroch. “We have the ability now to go into a body shop, plumb it into a spray booth just like you would a compressed air system and then be able to utilize the turbo system in the spray booth and get all of the same paint advantages and savings.

“We’ve had independent tests done showing that you get 40 percent paint savings over traditional air systems when using the TurboPro,” he said.

In addition to the paint savings, Darroch said the other main advantage is the turbo system in general, which produces a clean, warm, dry flow of air that eliminates contamination in the air supply. The system doesn’t compress air and due to the high-speed motor, it actually eliminates humidity in the air, which saves time and re-work. No filters or dryers are needed.

Apollo Sprayers International has designed HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Turbospray systems, HVLP spray guns and accessories for more than 48 years. All TP models are made in the company’s Vista, CA factory.

Contact John Darroch at (888) 900-HVLP (4857), john@hvlp.com or visit www.TurboProHVLP.com 

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