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Race Car Driver Ashley Sanford Signs Autographs at Herkules Booth

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Ashley Sanford

Race car driver Ashley Sanford and her mother Michele at the Herkules booth during SEMA.


Ashley Sanford, a 21-year-old race car driver, signed autographs at Herkules Equipment Corporation’s booth during SEMA. The company showcased its pneumatic lifts while the racer greeted show attendees.

Growing up in Fullerton, CA, Ashley began driving recreationally when she was eight. Her grandpa Ed taught her sand drag racing, which she spent time doing with her parents Michele and Shane. “There are only a few races a year but they were big events for our family,” said Ashley.

“She went slow in the beginning and then when she turned 14 she was going over 100 miles an hour,” said Michelle. “I thought it was insane. I was happy but it was hard.”

Ashley said she was always adventurous and nicknamed by her family as the Wild Child.’ She recalls seeing photos of her first birthday when she received an electric ATV. Currently, she races in the NH circuit from Southern California to New Jersey. She participated in 14 out of 24 races this season.

“My favorite part would first be the adrenaline rush, from the moment the car starts to the second I hit the parachutes and everything in between,” said Ashley. “There’s nothing comparable to it in the world.” She said her other favorite part is interacting with the fans who have been so supportive.

She was asked by Herkules to sign autographs during SEMA. “We’re just happy to be involved with them and that they invited me to come.”

“When people asked why we asked Ashley to sign autographs at our booth, we told them that racers need to maintain their cars, so who better than someone who needs quality, dependable lifts to make those quick and necessary fixes,” said Kathleen Okray, marketing manager at Herkules.

Based in Michigan, Herkules has been focused on pneumatic lifts for 30 years. All lifts are manufactured in the United States with U.S. steel.

For information about Herkules, contact (248) 960-7011, kathleen@herkules.us or visit www.herkules.us 

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