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Mitchell International Becomes Newest SCRS Corporate Member

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is pleased to announce that Mitchell International has pledged their support as the newest Corporate Member.

"Our goal is to make our customers successful, and when we do, we become successful," shared Mitchell VP of Sales & Service Jack Rozint. "Our customers in the collision repair business are experiencing change at a rate that is unprecedented, and we want to work hand in hand with the groups that are best positioned to help those businesses adapt and succeed. The mission and vision of SCRS says it all--SCRS educates, informs, and recognizes best in class performers--all of which serves to improve the industry."

Mitchell International has over 70 years of history in the repair industry. Glenn Mitchell first founded the company to use his technical knowledge, repair expertise and ability to connect pieces of information to simplify complex processes. The initial product was designed to meet the practical demands of the automotive industry, delivering the industry's first functioning car parts replacement resource for collision-damaged vehicles. The focus on simplification, efficiency and access to accurate information drove Mitchell's entry into the collision repair market and then into auto physical damage claims.

"There is actually a great deal of history of involvement from Mitchell," explains SCRS Chairman Andy Dingman. "At the onset of the Corporate Membership program in the 1980s, Mitchell was one of the first companies to offer their support, recognizing the positive impact that was possible from a repair market that was led by an effective association. With a focus on the future, and the demands presented by modern-day automotive technology, Mitchell has expressed a keen interest on being an active participant in market solutions."

"We support the industry achieving better outcomes that include quality/safe repairs and improved customer service in an environment where the parties work together cooperatively," added Rozint. "We at Mitchell are proud to support SCRS, and its principles of working together and inspiring positive advancement in the collision repair industry."

Mitchell's growth and expansion into new markets has been driven by the company's practice of proactively seeking opportunities to provide additional value to its customers. The company marked its 70th year with notable acquisitions and several new key customers.

SCRS appreciates the support of Mitchell International. "We're pleased to have the continued involvement that reflects the early days of the association, while looking forward to the future of the industry," says SCRS Executive Director, Aaron Schulenburg. "Membership often leads to ways of collaboratively addressing the needs of the industry to provide solutions, and we look forward to those opportunities."


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