Thursday, 08 September 2016 23:04

NSF International Certifies 70 ABRA Auto Body & Glass Shops

NSF International has certified 70 ABRA Auto Body & Glass Repair Centers via the NSF Collision Repair Shop Certification program.

Auto Body Repair of America (ABRA) is the first company to earn NSF collision repair shop certification and plans to certify all of its Auto Body & Glass Repair Centers.

ABRA’s executive vice president of operations, Scott Krohn, said, “We are pleased to have 70 of our repair centers now certified by NSF International. This independent certification is confirmation of our ongoing commitment to providing superior quality repairs and exceptional customer service. We continue to work hard toward a goal of earning NSF certification for every one of our ABRA repair center locations.”

The NSF Automotive Collision Repair Shop Certification Program provides independent, third-party oversight of collision repair shops and certifies a shop’s ability to consistently conduct high quality repairs. To earn certification, each of ABRA’s certified repair centers has met the following requirements:

-Perform high-quality, consistent repairs
-Use and maintain proper equipment for the job
-Have qualified and trained personnel
-Use quality parts for repairs
-Respond promptly to complaints and consumer feedback
-Utilize modern computer estimation systems
-Provide excellent customer service

Upon meeting these requirements, ABRA certified repair centers are authorized to use the NSF Certified Collision Repair Shop mark. Certified repair centers are also listed on NSF’s website and undergo ongoing audits to maintain certification.

“Being the first to earn NSF collision repair shop certification, ABRA Auto Body & Glass is highlighting its leadership in quality and operational excellence," said Dave Parzen, senior technical project manager, NSF International Automotive Certification Programs, which includes the Collision Repair Shop Certification Program. "Additionally, consumers now have the benefit of selecting a shop that has earned independent, third-party certification from NSF International to repair their vehicles,”

NSF International’s Collision Repair Shop Certification Program complements the NSF Automotive Parts Distributor Certification Program, which certifies that auto parts distributors have quality, inventory and part traceability systems in place, and the NSF Automotive Parts Certification Program, which certifies parts via testing and inspection to identify high-quality parts that are equivalent to the OE service parts in form, fit and function. Additionally, the NSF Automotive Recycler Certification Program certifies a recycler’s ability to meet extensive grading, labeling and traceability requirements as well as federal, state and local recycler regulations.

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