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OnSource Launches

Written by Deana Cacus

OnSource Launches

OnSource, an information services company, has recently launched their InstantInspection app.

The company's mobile website,, allows property and casualty companies to conduct remote inspections by connecting their desktop to a smartphone camera.  This enables the user to instantly share hi-definition pictures and videos required for insurance claims or underwriting with customers, partners, and field staff.


InstantInspection creates a connection with the customer in real time, meaning that the inspector can take a picture that is instantly viewable on the customer's desktop.  This way, customer and inspector can discuss what they are seeing and collaborate on the inspection while it is occurring.


The company aims to cater to customers of all generations by offering a variety of service options.


"Customers really expect a more technology-driven process," said Tim Schneider, founder and CEO of OnSource.  "The millennial generation, and even previous generations, want service and they want it now, and in a way that they can consume easily.  So we've found that is the number one value we can bring to the table: giving customers more convenient choices in how they get these inspections completed," Schneider said.  


In order to serve customers who choose not to conduct the inspections themselves, OnSource offers field inspections through their network of more than 15,000 photo field inspectors.


"There are still a lot of people out there who don't want to self-serve; who aren't part of that tech-savvy generation," Schneider observed.  "And for those people, we've got a nationwide network that will go out and capture the photos on the insurance company's behalf."


According to the company, body shops may find InstantInspection particularly useful in instances where insurance representatives that have already completed an inspection request a supplement or need to conduct a re-inspection. Rather than waiting for an appraiser to arrive, the body shop can complete the inspection via smartphone and submit the information to the insurance company immediately. InstantInspection enables body shops to document this process by recording photo inspections and chat sessions.


In addition to their auto inspection software, OnSource also offers apps for property and flood inspection.


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