Thursday, 18 August 2016 16:09

CCC ONE® Appraisal Platform is IAnet's Preferred Solution

CCC Information Services Inc. (“CCC”) has announced that its CCC ONE® Appraisal Platform has been selected as the appraisal solution of choice by IAnet, an independent appraiser (IA) network serving the insurance claims market.

According to the company, the CCC ONE Appraisal Platform will offer the IAnet community of independent appraisers a central way to manage appraisals and to connect with their business partners, bringing speed, accuracy and efficiency to the appraisal process. The CCC ONE® network accessible to IAnet includes more than 22,000 collision repairers and hundreds of auto insurance carriers.

“IAnet has a laser focus on appraisal accuracy and efficiency,” said John Donley, president and CEO of IAnet. “By offering our network of IAs access to the CCC ONE Appraisal Platform, we’re equipping them with the best estimating and appraisal management tools as well as a way to work seamlessly with the expansive CCC network. We’ve named the CCC ONE platform our solution of choice because we believe it can help us become an even better partner to our clients, delivering accurate appraisals, quickly and with a high level of service.”

“IAnet is a leader in the delivery of appraisal services and its endorsement of our CCC ONE Appraisal Platform is great validation of the steps we’ve taken in the last two years to address the technology gap that has existed for IA solutions in our industry,” said Mark Fincher, VP of market solutions, CCC. “Our approach has been to create a single, cloud-based platform that would include the features and functions needed by appraisers to be successful, while making it easily accessible from anywhere, and connected to the largest network of insurers and collision repairers.”

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