Thursday, 28 July 2016 20:56

Assured Performance and TenPoint Complete Announce CSI Services

Assured Performance has announced that they have entered into an agreement with TenPoint Complete to provide special services and pricing to their Certified Repair Provider network.

Through this alliance, Assured Performance Certified shops will be able to track their CSI performance and access, measure and manage all aspects of their collision repair business through a newly developed KPI feature. The newly developed services delivered by TenPoint Complete also feature custom dashboards and electronic and phone-based CSI surveying. According to the company, this exclusive tool set will provide Collision Care Providers with an advanced approach to CSI that is also cost-effective.

“Our alliance with Assured Performance demonstrates a collaborative effort that provides services to multiple stakeholders, including repairers, OEMs and other business partners,” said Robb Young, TenPoint Complete. “Repair businesses in the network now have access to the 'Complete Solution,' including custom dashboards and electronic and phone-based CSI surveying. This will enable decision makers the ability to positively impact customer satisfaction on a daily basis,” Young said.

“This new business relationship with TenPoint Complete creates an ideal way for our OEM Certified Collision Care Providers to deliver, monitor and manage the best customer experience possible,” said Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance. "Enabling our Certified Repair Providers to deliver an exceptional customer experience consistently and cost-effectively is fundamental to our mission."

Aaron Clark, Assured Performance vice president of certification compliance and former MSO shop owner, commented, “This CSI solution provides a shop with exactly what they need to manage quality and compliance efficiently, with the added bonus that it represents the most cost-effective solution, improving the overall business ROI.”

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