Thursday, 31 March 2016 21:55

Sherwin-Williams Launches New Custom & Restoration Websites

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes recently launched two new websites focused on their color expertise within the custom and restoration market segments, according to a company press release.

These websites give the public an inside look at industry partnerships, visuals of color, and application tips designed to improve a technician’s knowledge.

The first new website launched was an online Color Visualizer. Following the success of the Rod & Restoration Color Collection, which was introduced in 2014, Sherwin-Williams took the 200+ colors within the collection and created one of the industry’s first color tools, mimicking the movement of a vehicle.

Each color was applied to one of Sherwin-Williams classic “Speed Shapes” that continually rotates to showcase how the color changes as a vehicle travels through different light.

This website also provides search and customization features that allow users to pinpoint the exact color code desired. 

To inspire sharing pictures of cars, Sherwin-Williams also created a Killer Paint Job gallery. This gallery allows users to submit pictures and details of their Sherwin-Williams-painted vehicles. They are then showcased on the site and are searchable with the associated color.

The second new website launched was an entirely new featured section of the website. The Custom & Restoration website now features details about exclusive Sherwin-Williams color programs and gives behind-the-scenes insights from their media center. Within the media center, they document step-by-step details of project vehicles they sponsor as well as blog-like articles answering some of the most sought after questions. 

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