Jaime Ramos

Jaime Ramos


Discussion within the industry of “alt-OE” or “opt-OE” parts seemingly has raised more questions than answers this past year, but one state regulatory agency has a clear stand on the topic – one that may drive changes nationwide.

Two years ago, Sean Carey, an expert in the subject of connected cars and telematics, made a prediction. The CEO of SCG Management Consultants said that the connected car would ultimately change the claims and repair industries in a profound way.

This scenario probably happens literally every other minute at body shops all over the country.

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4 Attributes of A Successful CEO

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In a business such as collision repair that is notoriously difficult to manage, a successful leader must have a firm grasp on their time management. With so many distractions every day, a laser focus on completing important tasks that will move the company in the right direction is critical.

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Tom Spencer is an Estimator/Manager at Mathews-Carlsen Body Works in Palo Alto, CA and also a very talented guitarist and song writer.


"Get a second-hand guitar. Chances are you'll go far if you get in with the right bunch of fellows." These are lyrics from an old Bachman Turner Overdrive song ("Taking Care of Business"), and although it's not quite that easy to get into a rock band and make it in the crazy world of music today, it's still a dream for many people.

Sales Manager for FinishMaster Once Painted Air Force One

McKenzie's nine-year stint in the Air Force had him working on a wide range of different military aircraft before getting to paint Airforce One. Here he is during his first year in the Air Force.


Mike McKenzie has more than 23 years of experience working for several paint companies and currently he is a Sales Manager for FinishMaster, overseeing New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Today, he calls on body shops and supports a sales staff, but his career began in the military, when McKenzie was painting airplanes for nine years while in the Air Force.

As baby boomers in this industry retire, body shops are depending more and more on Generation X and Millennials. Millennials, also known as “Generation Y” or “Gen Me,” include anyone born after 1980. They now make up the majority of the population and the workforce. That means more than 80 million Americans.

Are you currently part of a DRP or considering participating in one? During the NACE CARS Expo & Conference, Mike Cassata talked to attendees about how to get the most out of a DRP relationship.

Improving Processes Every Day Helps KS Shop Stay Accountable

All Angles Collision Repair's new east location in Wichita, Kansas.

In September, All Angles Collision Repair will celebrate its 11th anniversary.

ABRA's Expansion Plans, Tech Wages, Flat Fees for Repair, BMS vs. EMS

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