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If you have an old classic neon sign that has been there forever, hang on to it if you can, but neon today is costly and not a green alternative to signage. (Erie-LaSalle Body Shop, Chicago, IL)


I walked into a beautiful reception area at a body shop one day and was immediately impressed.


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In excess of eight feet tall, painting Howard Fried's enormous coffee cup (Derelict #5) was easier to paint than move, according to the crew at Regal Collision in Vallejo, CA


Body shops are adept at painting cars, but they often get asked to paint a wide range of other things such as golf carts, kid's toys, old appliances, statues and in this case, an enormous coffee cup that was displayed at an art gallery in San Francisco, CA by a major nationally-renowned artist.

Thursday, 13 October 2016 21:42

The Art of Business

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I grew up in a family of artists. Not always the kind of people that come to mind when thinking of the dog-eat-dog business world. As a young man, my own artistic expression found its way into the automotive repair business as an automotive painter.

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From her shop's logo all the way to her TV commercials and social media, Bertolli likes to take a fun approach to marketing.


Some people are born into the body shop business and embrace it while others fight it for a while and then eventually relent.

An automobile accident can be a very traumatic experience and vehicle owners look to us, as body shop owners and technicians, to take care of them and their vehicles. It seems obvious, but sometimes when we’re caught up in the day-to-day routine, we can easily neglect to provide excellent customer service.

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The team at Fix Auto Poway.


Earlier this year, Fix Auto USA announced the opening of its 100th franchise location in the U.S. The network of body shops has more than 400 franchises worldwide.

I was in a large shop recently talking to a couple of technicians and I was impressed by their knowledge and commitment to the industry.

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John Hurd is the Industry Relations Specialist for WyoTech and is currently planning big things for this year's SEMA Show.


John Hurd, 52, is the Industry Relations Specialist for WyoTech. Autobody News recently asked him about his company's three campuses, the curriculum for its collision repair programs, and how the need for qualified people in this industry has grown exponentially over the past five years.

Unless the courts or federal lawmakers act, the minimum amount certain salaried employees will need to be paid to be exempt from overtime will increase dramatically as of December 1.

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Cory King

Important changes being made to federal overtime regulations are likely to require significant changes for some body shop employee pay plans, according to business attorney Cory King.

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